Damien Done Gives Details Of Debut Album "Charm Offensive"

Damien Done is the nom de plume of celebrated singer/songwriter Damien Moyal, known internationally as the frontman of iconic 90's hardcore punk bands As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again and Shai Hulud. 

With Damien Done, however, Moyal takes a sharp and decided turn from the scolding angst of his past. Instead, Done croons uncomfortable, seedy tales over bleak numbers that draw disparate comparisons, at times conjuring the doom and drawl of Type O Negative, Danzig or Nick Cave and at others the blue sneer of darker 80's pop and new wave. 

Touching on various genres, but never landing squarely in one, Damien Done is an uncategorizable brand of unnerving indie, post-punk rock ’n’ roll for folks who aren’t afraid of the dark.

Damien Done will release the forthcoming album "Charm Offensive", on February 18th 2018 through Los Angeles’ Mind Over Matter Records. "Charm Offensive", follows the "Stay Black" EP and the "He Really Tried" 7', both through Germany’s Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

"Charm Offensive", is an album laden with tales of blackmail, voyeurism, secrecy and guilt. Still nodding to the doom-tinged rock’n’roll of his previous releases, "Charm Offensive", now sees Damien Done exploring a lush, gloomy pop frontier, at times calling to mind the shimmering black art of Tears for Fears, Billy Idol or Echo & The Bunnymen. "Charm Offensive" is dense and unsettling, but strangely sweet and impossibly distinct.

FFO: Iggy Pop, Danzig, King Dude, Billy Idol, Joy Division

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