Homerik - Self-Titled

What better way to describe how you should listen to Homerik's self-titled debut full-length album, well with your imagination of course! That is the best option according to Homerik, your only limitation is your imagination, but using your imagination nevertheless. With that said, Homerik takes on quite the role of unusual in this case of music that is particularly metal. It is a rather collaborative effort from not just Homerik but by others as well, friends, colleagues, all over come in to put in their two cents to make this take of the metal style, be various and inspired by the world and it's classical genres as well. In other words, your imagination and mindfulness are taken on an experimental journey. You getting hit with such momentous energy sources, you just find yourself rather at ease of it all. Everything coming together as it all works within, crafting the music together, as the harmonics and melodies just build upon one another. It delivers this in-depth sensation that has a flow of the unknown, making the music more on a variation that is mystic yet wondrous. In other words,  each of the tracks off this album is very different than the last, some being mellow, while others fast neck pacing, as the rest are in the in-between aspects. You just get this whole jest of this, that, and more. That is how Homerik's self-titled debut, works itself out, giving you this grasp of what can be and how it should become. It's their ways of doing music and it suits them fairly nicely.

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