Written spontaneously by frontman Fiachra Treacey in just 5 minutes in direct response to his experiences with the burgeoning homeless community of Dublin, "This City Doesn't Feel Like Home to Me", is a song of pure compassion, angst and alienation that is sure resonate with listeners all over the UK & Ireland who will have identified the shamefully relatable scenes of homelessness on their own streets.

Speaking about the track’s subject matter frontman Fiachra Treacy says: "This City Doesn't Feel Like Home to Me", is a song about feeling left out or ignored in your own environment. When we started out it was very hard for a band like us to get anywhere in such a small City as Dublin.  We would busk to make money to record our songs, and when you busk in Dublin, you are in amongst the homeless people. We would share our takings and they would congregate around us as a family.  In essence they were begging and so were we. I talked to a lot the homeless people and figured that they too had been left out of society but obviously in a more horrific way.  The homeless problem and the housing crisis in Dublin is shocking and only getting worse."

Revved-up on a motorik drum beat and with a handle firmly grasped on the accelerator, from start to finish this latest epic from the Irish indie-tronica quintet is an endorphin doused rush designed to launch the listener to lightspeed.

The accompanying video for "This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home To Me" was shot at Dublin’s RHA Gallery by visual artist Peter Kingston, with the band performing against the stunning backdrop prepared by close friend Leah Hewson.

Recorded with Rob Kirwan (a man who has lent his formidable talents for capturing a huge sound to record for giants the likes of Depeche Mode and U2 to name a few), the single is the latest to emerge from their impeccable "A Safe Distance To Watch" album, available in the U.K. on May 4th 2018.

Check out the new single turned video right HERE.

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