Daxton - In Verses

Daxton's full-length album known as "In Verses", came out just this month, on one of the days that is just not good, according to some, April 13th, in other words, Friday the 13th! What kind of luck would that be for an act to do, but in any case it worked in Daxton's favoring, as this album has quite a lot to say about it.

Opener "I Don't Mind", kicks things off, rather nicely for the album, as it is built upon catchy riffs done by the guitar working's, whilst the vocal chords, do their share, keeping everything in harmony, yet sounding very decent to say the least. Following this track comes "Strange Little Creature", that keeps the energy in check, making the momentum of everything occurring to be very frank yet grounded as far as the music goes. "Power and the Glory", is next, as are other notable tracks, like "Water Goes Dry", "Sanctuary" and Ball and Chain". These other tracks, doing as the opening tracks had done, except these are more in-depth, keeping everything more upbeat, but on a finer leveling.
 Like, it's as if, the material used, is put to good efforts, making it sound crisp and clear as possible. Daxton's style sounds very modernized, blending in well with a lot of the other rock acts in existence currently. "In Verses", is just a very thought out type of album, that builds upon the material at hand.

Surely a little growth and development, from this release, will see great things rise from an act like this one. Their material is catching, upbeat, has various riffs, solos, with an array of spunk, that makes their material  flow endlessly really. It's just how Daxton's album that is "In Verses", plays along with its source material. Should be how a band can work its craft as it carries onward into the next level of movement.


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