THE DARK RED SEED have teamed up with Doomed & Stoned to reveal their new song "Awakening". The song is taken from their forthcoming album "Becomes Awake" which will be released via Prophecy Productions on May 18 2018.

The band commented: "The process of writing this song was born somewhat out of an improvisation with Shawn on drums, our friend Pierre Someville playing Moog and bass and myself on guitars and vocals. It is the only song on the record track at an actually recording studio-Big Snuff Studio in Berlin. The entire track listing of the album is very intentional in the story that it tells and there had been another track in its place that we were never happy with so we took it out and wrote this song in its place. It is meant to be monotonous and hypnotic in away that could invoke a state of trance.  Lyrically and conceptually the words are a journey out of consciousness and a sort of psychedelic trip into the universe or another world.  It represents the unknown; that which can’t be seen or touch but we can sense maybe something is there just out of reach of our sphere of comprehension."

Listen to the track here:

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