The Gary Douglas Band - River Road

"River Road", is the track making the rounds, off the upcoming album "Deep In The Water", by The Gary Douglas Band. Singer/songwriter/guitarist, and just overall performer, Gary Douglas, is one like many other artists before him, one who always wanted to make music, if not born to do such a thing as well. That was case when it came to Gary Douglas making The Gary Douglas Band, releasing material, including this recent release that is "River Road".

It's a dynamic approach to how and what can be expected from the album as a whole, as well as how along the artist and band has come too. With that said, though, The Gary Douglas Band is your run of the mill, rhythm and blues infused rock act, who takes rock music to the core, not making it all crazily tormented, heavily inspired but quite frankly, just downright entertaining to say the least.

The track is rock music, with an infusion of country mixed with blues crossed with folk as well. It's an interesting combination, that makes track stand out rather nicely for itself. Vocalization wise, the vocal chords make the material of the instrumental parts, "pop" outward, Whilst the vocals stand on their own accordance, making themselves known, being catching to the ear, as they play right against the instrumental parts, as everything runs as smoothly as the streaming river flows.

It's a track that makes the music bouncy yet fun. One of which, you shall not be bored of in an instant, but wanting to crank up the volume! Surely to be a one hit wonder of a turnaround classic, for this upcoming album. That is how "River Road", just manages to play itself out really.

The Gary Douglas Band's album of upcoming that is titled "Deep In The Water", will likely be one, that will appeal, to those, who enjoy rather upbeat tones, with even catchier outpouring of musical tones, that makes it all worth wild, yet free as well.

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