Thomas and The Empty Orchestra - Let Go

Thomas and The Empty Orchestra's most recent release "Let Go", is an EP of sorts, that has a very familiar sound to it. As soon as the opening number "In The Eaves", started off to play, not only were you taken aback by its soft yet melodic harmonics, but the styling was very much like another artist named Gary Jules. His style and Thomas and The Empty Orchestra's so alike it has awkwardness all over. Really though, from the vocal chords down to the instrumental works, their material is really so much alike. Besides the opener, other numbers that stand out would be "Time Runs Out For Narcissus" and "Blood Moon (No Friend)". These tracks being very much like Gary Jule's styling as well. They just got this flow to them, keeping the music at ease, yet a very steady pace that makes it an easy listening type of experience. Either way, Thomas and The Empty Orchestra's EP "Let Go", is one that will not have been let go but remembered.

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