Added Color - Mr. Industry

"Same Place" the first single turned video taken from the EP titled "Mr. Industry", was a fun yet entertaining piece of work, that draw in the craftiness that is Added Color. An act that shall not be forgotten, let alone ignored by their mere presence. With that said, that track is not the only number to be entertaining for there are others that do the same, such as "Panic Attack", and "Just Because", for instance. These both going hand in hand with one another, as they share similarities in flare, energy and spunk. Their source material for the most part, is just filled to the brim of sounding a lot like Queens of the Stone Age meets Royal Blood. If rock music was never discovered and just found out then surely Added Color, would be the act to take it and run with it. That is the style that these guys provide, rock to its finest possibilities imaginable. If you dig rock music then by all means Added Color is the act to get your rock on, especially upon this EP titled "Mr. Industry".

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