Jarel Portman - Runaway Blues

When Jarel Portman's track "Runaway Blues", crossed my path, off his latest album "Supersonic", it was a track that struck a chord of the 90's kind. Or shall we say era, because that style alone is very reminiscence to that of alternative, mixed with rock with a dash of grunge thrown in. To that my friend, is how "Runaway Blues", portrays itself to be at the very least for the most part anyways. That said though, when listening in to the vocalization you are taken aback by the styling that Jarel Portman provides, because you get a very similar vibe to that of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, thrown in with other 90's grunge rock acts, like Chris Cornell of Audioslave with Soundgarden tossed on for good accordance.

In any case though, the track may have some similarities to these other acts and vocalists behind said acts, but that's what makes Jarel Portman's take on the genres, much more welcoming. His style is very vivid, unique, and catching for the listener. For as the music plays, it becomes very legit to that of it being, edgy, upbeat, yet very solid in terms of rock music. It's like as if, Jarel went back in time, taking on those similar traits that once was, and brought them into the modern day era of the here and now.

Listening to his craft that is upon this track "Runaway Blues", you just get that sense of feeling, content, and emotion. It all works together, making it all worthwhile, as the music progresses, keeping it all in check and tune with one another. In other words, it becomes a style of music that is just loads of fun. Jarel Portman is a man of ability, being able to toss together something that is very forwarding, while allowing for his skill of trait to develop, building upon what he has already, making it more well rounded and smooth.

Surely "Supersonic", the album of which "Runaway Blues", comes from, is a mix-up of material that takes on the era of the 90's, a time of which was once before, but is here again, because of Jarel Portman's sense of availability making it known of here right now.


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