The Good Morning Nags - Self-Titled

The Good Morning Nags formed while at university in 2010, after their move to NYC the band would go on a short break until re-establishing themselves soon after, in which time they would spend writing and recording for what would be their self-titled debut EP. Thus, this EP taking on a mixture of an old time era that was the Americana sensibility with such sense that only the good old foot stomping grounds rhythm of the city could bring it altogether. Hence forth the EP captures an array of material, ranging from folk, country, rock, and bluegrass, having such numbers include purely instrumental to vocalization and instrumental. Like for instance "Sugar Baby", takes the use of both methods, using vocals and instrumentals, whilst "Blackberry Bush", is strictly instrumental based material all the way. "Mount Holler", brings back the combo that is vocals and instruments, while the remaining content features a varation of what has been said already. All in all though it is a mash up of raw yet progressive material, that can only be enjoyed by the hearing of the ears. As you are the listener, you are stricken with such a chord of energy that the momentum of the tracks just pushes onward with such a raw intensity that it is all you need when enjoying such a catching tune of choice. In other words, The Good Morning Nags, has got an EP that does them wonders, with its everlasting material. It is surely a round of sorts, that will be catching the likes of all who it.

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