Solar Twin - Pink Noise

Lo and behold another singer, producer, songwriter as well as multi-instrumentalist from Nashville is involved with music. This person named Shane Tutmarc, but this is not of his own doing of works, but of an all new project he calls Solar Twin.

"Pink Noise", is the album of choice, as Shane explains "One of the reasons I chose that title is because "Pink Noise" is supposed to be a healing, regenerative sound". Going on further explaining how Solar Twin being born in 2016, is referred to as the "life raft I needed to redirect my pain". He began writing, recording, and creating songs since, which is where we are now with this album of his, that takes 11 tracks, one of which titled "Salvation", was released as an appetizer to the release of this album. But not only was this song picked out, but other songs every few months were given the release, given the glimpse more of an appeal.

So then how does this album hold up to his previous works, upon himself being Shane Tutmarc as well as earlier days in bands out of Seattle, like Dolour and United State of Electronica. Well with Solar Twin, this artist has redefined his way with his music, both in writing and recording forms, as he puts it as his poetry of his songwriting, creating a worldly and eclectic aesthetic of where beauty and darkness often trade punches from line to line. That being said of course, you get thrown a mixture of past meets present. Indeed his previous contents can be heard rather well within this current source of material. But as it would have it, the material as of now, is more in the a synthesizer or synth for short, area, using a lot of eletronica based of melodies and harmonies, with the auto tune as well. It makes it more club scene based, than any other way to put it. You can toss on this assortment of tracks and just go with it. it is upbeat, catchy, and brings out the music, allowing for you to dance the night away.

In short, Solar Twin's "Pink Noise", is an album, that is a premise, with music to spare. It will please you with its material of sorts, that will shake your groove thang no doubt. If you dug Shane's previous working's then this album of his current project Solar Twin, is right up your alley.

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