Divining Rod - Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling

Miyuki Furtado is a multi-instrumentalist that has been playing tunes since he's been a veteran of the New York and Baltimore music scenes. He would branch outward with his musically driven talent, as it would form into a psych-folk-country act he can only title Divining Rod.

"Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling", would be his latest works, as this single release of two tracks, would be quite the kicker. As it keeps true to the style he holds dear. His inspiration of the British folk, American country with country rock, it is how Divining Rod wanted to keep things going in terms of music. As it would sound like this even from his prior works. That pride of passion is true blue to his release right here, even if it is not much but still something. As such, this duo release of tunes, is just very easy listening, while even crafting together such a catchy beat of tone, it keeps the music flowing. The music taking in all of that inspiration that Divining Rod has taken into account all this time, but with these tracks it is done right yet so much better than past material.

Upon the track that is "Hemlock Blues" for instance, that song alone really brings out Divining Rod's abilities as this particular act. The music's set up is pretty flawless, keeping the music in check, with its catchy upbeat tone of art, with such fun it leaves you smiling. "Love Come Tumbling", is a lot like this other number, but it is more or less, its own deal. The track being pleasant yet surprising. The similarities may be alike, but the style is more so direct. It makes the music so much more entertaining it is so much more fun as well.

All in all though, Divining Rod's single release of "Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling", is a piece of art, with music that is crafty, creative, and does not disappoint. It is forever alive and well, with such vivid uniqueness it makes the material that more catching to the ears.


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