Offensive Ground - Nightmare King

About only a month ago is when "Salvage Dump", the first single off Offensive Ground's debut release "Nightmare King", would cause quite the buzz mentor. As it would be from this point onward that Offensive Ground would be a keeper of acts to watch out for, as all would know what this 12-track release would contain within....

With that said, the first round of tracks, including the title track, are pure heaviness, raw in your face amounts of energy that keeps your fists tight and clutched together throughout. As the other numbers that are opener "Salvage Dump" and "All Your Problems", are just as power hungry as the title track number. Just as fierce yet very intense through and through.

The next set of material comes with such tracks as "Letter from the Sea", "Agent of Chaos", and "Take You Back", are the clump of the latter that take the fierceness of intensity down a notch or so. For the music is still there, hard and heavy with all its might just more or less down sided to be toned down. Making it more easier to the ears and be an easy listening experience with heaviness placed throughout.

The rest of the album is more or so a combination of these enlisted tracks mentioned before, you get that mix-up of intensity, heaviness, raw power that makes it all worth wild of your listening experience. In short, the instrumentals and vocal chords used throughout this album, is just tops. There is no explanation of it really, it is just brutality to its finest content possible. That is really the best way to depict it as a wholesome round off of material.

Offensive Ground's debut efforts that is " Nightmare King", can be put simply as intense and raw enough to please all. Surely those of the heavier side of the music spectrum, will feel right at home with this availability of power and passion.

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