Azathoth Circle - Across The Wounds

Female vocal chords, when first discovering the growling technique coming from such fine women fronting some of the most brutalizing rock/metal/punk acts around, there was no stopping or telling just where which female would go. This then brings us to the Ukraine terrain where Azathoth Circle calls home, with a little album that just so happens to be their debut release of sorts titled "Across The Wounds". At first glance with an opening track such as "Heart Of Fire", you get thrown a feeling of Arch Enemy, the same vocal chords in some senses, whereas other tracks like "Every Comes Real", and "My Own Shell", are more leaning towards the appeal of Tool crossed with Deftones. You get your bit of gloomy with dark appeal that is very epic. Hence the dark metal mixed with alternative twist and that is what you get overall upon this album and it's band it is about of course. "Teeny Voices", and "Black Magic", on the other hand, bring forth that same formula as "Heart Of Fire", had done. Except instead of so much screaming vocal appeal, the vocals are toned down a bit, allowing for the instruments to take more effect and pride. Their presents being more known with the heaviness and direction of approach of being pure heavy duty music that really draws you inward to it all really. That is simply how "Across The Wounds", plays itself out really. It hits you with certain tracks and music that just gets you. Hitting you in all the right places, that makes it all well worth it, when listening in on it all. With these songs here, that is all it takes. So if hard and heavy is what your deal is then look no more than Azathoth Circle, one act to follow.

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