Alesana Announces "Origins"

Today not only marks the 13th anniversary of North Carolina based rock/sweetcore band and Revival Recordings artist Alesana, but will also serve as the announcement day for one of their biggest undertakings to date. The project, called Origins, is currently rooted as much in mystery as it is in magnitude for any hardcore fan of the band. Alesana wants fans to know that Origins is a labor of love, created and compiled entirely by their hands, and their hands alone. Vocalist Shawn Milke says of the endeavor:

“Origins is a project that has been years in the making. I always imagined giving everything we possibly could to our amazing fans, both figuratively and literally. Origins is exactly that. This was forged by our own hands, every single aspect of it. It is an experience like no other we have conceived and any questions you may have regarding it's contents will be answered in the coming days and weeks. This is our story, our history, our future, our now. Find the key, unlock the history. This is Origins."

While very few details have been released thus far, fans are encouraged to keep a close eye on Alesana’s social media pages in the coming days to discover what is going to be included with Origins. This limited edition collection will be available to purchase via the Revival Recordings website this Black Friday.

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