YYY A Tribute To The Beach Boys Pet Sounds - Wouldn't It Be Nice feat. deM atlaS

"A Tribute To The Beach Boys Pet Sounds" is the latest tribute to the classic American rock band from the 60's era. Californians The Beach Boys have been around since 1961 to present day, still making music, playing shows, and even touring all over. But with this tribute release to the rock band of the past, it comes from an assortment of artists, that felt their need to contribute. Which is why "Wouldn't It Be Nice", by YYY that features a guest spot from deM atlaS has been included upon this album, as well as is the opening track to this attributing release.

When it comes down to this tributed edition of "Wouldn't It Be Nice", it is nothing like the original by any means of account. The Beach Boy's original version is upbeat, catching, and very reminisce of the 60's era. Whereas the tributed version by YYY that features deM atlaS is a lot like the original version but not that much. This new rethinking of the track, tribute as it were, brings a likeness to the original, having similar vocal ranges, even with the featured appearance by deM atlaS. His addition makes the track more unique. While YYY keeps a classy touch to it, having it be more true to The Beach Boys formula to a certain extent at least.

In terms of the quality between the versions of this particular track, again it is all about the artists in question, nothing can defeat the original version of anything. Whether it is music, movie, book, or television. So the original is set, hands down to be the superior version. While the original is upbeat, bouncy, and very pop-style based, as a lot of the 50's to 60's tunes were, this other take on the track is more modern, but is classy to staying to the original in certain ways. Again the melodies, harmonies, and vocal chords, are all very much like The Beach Boys version, but again maintain a more modern feel.

Having adding on deM atlaS to the mix of things, it becomes the track more of its own thing. His vocals being what they are, nice, keeping the track to be true blue. His way with singing are of his own abilities and style variation, while the music portions of this track are more, genuine. Like take the track as a whole, this tribute is combining the essence of pop, mixed with R&B with synth use of the keyboards and auto-tune a tiny bit, that makes it all truly its own creation. Taking all of this into one object is just something else, it is trying to be something that once was, but it cannot be that because that was then, and this is right now. Here is a track that is unique yet creative on its own accordance, to be original.

No matter what the tribute may be in the long run of it all, a tribute is a tribute for a reason. The reasoning being, that it is paying homage to the original piece. This tribute piece that is this album "A Tribute To The Beach Boys", brings forth various artists who want to put in their two cents at the tracks that have been cherished and beloved by many. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by YYY with a feature by deM atlaS, is just one of those tracks by a set of artists, that know what they are doing, have done it and take it as it is. It being a track that is catching to the ear, has its moments of beats, that keeps the song at hand, real and somewhat true to the original, as certain points get their craft put into effect.

That is how, this release goes in terms of the album itself, and this track that goes with it. You get a mix of the past with the present, getting a whole another generation to experience something that they may or may have not heard before, but will get to experience again.


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