Undead Corporation's Shacho says Get'em Up There is No Antidote!

Japanese go getters Undead Corporation have released a new song turned video titled "Get Em Up" as well as a new album "No Antidote". Bassist Shacho discusses the single, album, manga, and if their music will ever appear in any anime movie or TV based.

1. For those unfamiliar with Undead Corporation, can you describe your style and type of music you play?

Shacho: We play heavy music with female and male twin vocals. Metal core or nu-metal is close to our style.

2. Why did you want to call this band Undead Corporation?

Shacho: There is no serious reason actually. I decided it to be called a fish's name for short.

3. Who are your main musical influences? How huge is their influence in your sound?

Shacho: Metallica. I got influenced by them so much.

4. What inspires Undead Corporation's music and lyric writing? What do the lyrics talk about?

Shacho: I often compose getting influenced by the feelings like anger or hate. Akemi's lyrics also talk about those feeling.

5. Can you describe your new song turned single for "Get Em Up".

Shacho: This song is the most happy party song in the album. My favorite.

6. Have you had or will you have any of your music featured in any anime TV shows or movies?

Shacho: No we haven't for now. We will be happy if our music will be featured in near future.

7. Do you have a favorite anime, manga, TV show or movie?

Shacho: I like "Fist of the North Star" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure". So cool!!

8. Has Undead Corporation ever played in the U.S.A. or plan to do so in the future?

Shacho: No we haven't and there is also no plan for now. But we want to play in USA when we get the opportunity!

9. What makes Undead Corporation stand out above all the other JRock acts out of Japan?

Shacho: In Japan, there are some bands which feature the beautiful or cute side of female vocal but we feature the strong side of both, male and female vocals. And our style is mixed with various styles of music we are influenced by. Such as metal of course, but also R&B, Hip Hop and Dirty Rock.

10. Do you have any last words for fans, or potential new fans?

Shacho: Thank you for your support and listening to our new album "NO ANTIDOTE". We are really happy that our music also is supported by fans outside of Japan. We can't wait to play someday in your country!

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