Wullae Wright - COGs

Where to begin is the real deal right here, right now, because Wullae Wright is upon his sixth, sixth, sixth album to date he calls simply "COGs". As Wullae puts it, "This album has been one of the most difficult yet liberating projects I have worked on. It gives the listener a window into the last four years of my life. There have been many dramatic changes in such a small space of time; much of it shrouded by pain, hurt, heartache and anger."

That said, that is really how this particular album plays itself out to be exactly. The album not being well polished for one, so it is purely raw emotional distress from the get-go. Literally the production was done raw, much like his last album "The Orange Line". It is as Wualle says not perfect by any means, which he is quite happy about overall. So then how does the actual music play out upon it. Well like his previous album "The Orange Line", that release is the complete opposite to "COGs" in every other respect. This album is dark, rough, and to the point, it is nothing like his previous release. The material shows for it, "Armed for Revolution" and "Kill Clowns in Transit Vans", for instance are very in tune with the content of dark. The instrumentals used taking in the usage of strings, bass, dramatic drums, and climactic moments, is all put to the test, upon this album and these tracks mentioned. As well as other notable tunes like "Hate Machine" and "Against Machines". Alone all of these tracks play off one another, being indeed very dramatic, powerful, and immersive. The instruments being in-depth, loud, and prideful, in how they demonstrate what they can do, the vocalization being just as stunning yet better.

Likely  due to such fundamentals here, the music and vocal chords can just be so much fun and highly entertaining. The music being very instrumentally focused, but still possess the tone of the vocals, when they make their presents known. For the listener, it is an experience, exposure, to another dimension of reality, that you breath in, not being able to resist. It is music that is a lot like others you may have heard before, but it becomes so much more than that. Comparing Wullae Wright's style is one matter, but as a whole really, his style has no common boundary. It can go this way, which way, and that way, that takes the music all over, sucking you into his world, embracing it as full focused entity of its own doing.

The music being very concentrative, it is catchy, smooth, and groovy. It keeps the beats at bay, but still brings them to the center of it all, the full picture, really showing you, what it is all about. That is how Wullae Wright's music speaks to himself, and to the one's he has created this music for. It is meaningful, yet powerful, that it will guide on to become greater means than it is necessary.

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