Social Circle Releases Video For New Single "Changes"

South Louisiana pop band, Social Circle, releases music video “Changes” highlighting themes of acceptance, being unique and individual in a world that tends to overshadow self identity.

With a flair for nostalgic synth-pop reminiscent of the 80's, Social Circle puts a modern twist on a classic sound with their newly titled video release, "Changes".

Directed by acclaimed cinematographer, J.P. Summers (Owl City), the video and song showcases a fun, yet introspective theme of being confident about one’s own unique characteristics.

Vocalist Matthew McElveen says: "Changes is meant to be this empowering anthem. The song and the video present this idea that the small, annoying things don't matter, and that, if you let yourself be confident enough, you can make the entire world your own runway. And, better yet, if you follow the paths you want, you can wind up in just the right place with the right people that make you feel invincible."

Check out the new video for single "Changes" right HERE.

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