Richard Schroder - Drive

"Drivin", was the first glimpse into what "Drive", was to bring forth from Richard Schroder. That first song turned single that was, was "Drivin", which lead to a couple of other tracks including "Backseat Love", and "Wildest Dreams", to get more of the feeling out and about to all to hear. As these threesome of tracks, kept the energy on high alert, the rest of the album would surely follow suit.

As it was an already great successor with these tracks alone, the rest of the album that is "Drive", brings more of that same appeal as these tracks had done for it. Lots of country, rock, and pop elements layered throughout. For if it was not for these elements then it would be not so great of an album to begin with really. These genre picking's are what make this album wholesome and unique.
Aside from the array of tracks picked from it already, the rest of the material is just as catching, including such tracks as "Stay", "Nashville Girl", "Right In The Middle", "Someone Else", and "One And The Same". These alone, are what sum up what the rest of this album has to offer it's listeners. That offering being tons of energy, upbeat tones with catchy rhythms, lots of momentum, with lots of angst thrown in. It is one of those releases that becomes fun and exciting to hear.

If Richard Schroder had to be thrown out to other artists or bands upon the country, rock, and pop scene currently, his styling brings to mind other acts, he has been thrown against countless times prior, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Blake Sheldon, and even Garth Brooks. While Richard sounds a lot like these acts, in terms of style and quality, these other artists have been around, and Richard has as well, but he is more of an up-and-comer that keeps coming up from the ground up with his source material.

These other artists have been around for greater times, knowing their skill like the back of their hand, while Richard's skills are building upon, it is shown in the singles mentioned before, as well as the rest of the material off this album. His skills are built upon, but that is where the music grows in maturity and in time consumption. Lots of growth and maturity can be heard within it, but again it is more of an up and comer release, still working itself outward for future works.

That is really how this release plays out. You get an up and comer that has got a lot to built upon, create, and form. While he does have a form built, he can make from it, creating much more greater material in terms of work and music creativity. His music is typical to a point of other artists, but that is how his style was taken into account, it is something that sounds a lot alike, but can be different too.

"Drive", is an album of sorts to do what it can, because that is what it is worth and what can be shown from it. Surely the next batch of material from Richard Schroder will be more well rounded to improving that growth and maturity as the artist that he is, which is himself.

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