Amber Run - Acoustic EP

Amber Run have gone the way with the acoustics with their "Acoustic EP" release. The EP takes two tracks off their current album "For A Moment, I Was Lost" and two cover tracks. The foursome become rather interesting and well played out. As the two tracks to come off the album "No Answers", and "Fickle Game", do well in this form, as they bring a closeness to the music itself. Allowing it to be an extension of the original work. Whereas the cover tracks that are "Alaska" and "Higher and Higher", are done in the same form, but they sound more developed and thought out. The instrumentals and vocal chords done on each of these tracks is superb and well performed. Overall though this "Acoustic EP", by Amber Run is one to not miss out on, because it will bring the joy of all new music in a new way to hear.

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