The Chordaes Releases New Song “What Do You Want From Me”

The Chordaes have released a new song turned single titled “What Do You Want From Me". The single is the first to be revealed off their forthcoming 6-track EP "In Itinere", a follow-up to their debut record "Touch the Ground", which was positively received when released.

All Things Go said of the track: “The New York outfit blends the raw, candid lyricism of early alternative rock with the expertise of classic Americana and doesn’t spill a drop.”

When asked about “What Do You Want From Me,” songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Leo Sawikin said: “The song is about being under the control and at the mercy of someone with no capacity to feel empathy and no ability to plan for the long term. I’m asking what are you after, what is your game? Stylistically I attempted to combine a heavier rock sound with more Tin Pan Alley type inversions.”

Pre-orders for "In Itinere" will be available, here: and the record will see its release on October 20th 2017. Fans can listen to “What Do You Want From Me” now, here:

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