John Fishell - Douse of Singles

"I don't like writing about myself" says John Fishell, a seasonal singer/songwriter and professor of sorts, currently working upon what will be his first debut album. Upon its release John has recently released not one but two singles "Stand By", and "Vampyr", a preview as it were of his new album release.

For someone who says they don't like writing about themselves in terms of social media networking, he sure can write his work in the ways of music creativity, as this inventive hard rocker, has got quite the melodic creativity as well as arrangement in his form that other genres of hard rock, rock, tend to lack in the genre.

"Stand By", is described as a hard rocking track that nods to the greats like the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and even Queen status. Lyrics revolving around a failing relationship dealing with the difficulties of air travel? Yes indeed air travel relationship difficulties for those whom cannot deal with traveling in the air. Most likely this track entails in which not only air traveling but the ordeal that comes with it, is what the lyrical concept is somewhat saying at least. If not that then perhaps it deals with the likes of a relationship in a loving sense. In any case it is a true blue rock track, that packs in those powerful hard rock kicks that all rock n' roll needs.

"Vampyr", details about love, like many artists and bands material tend to lean towards at one point or another. As this track depicts an ex-girlfriend, it being one rowdy messing track of riffs, solos, and tons of angst throughout it. Lots of energy as well, it is just chalk full of such momentum that it builds up the music to become thrilling, a true rock n' roll source of material, that really rocks out. As for its lyrical appeal, it does revolve around an ex-girlfriend but has an in-depth look into the vampire life as well sort of at least. It pokes at it, showing off the no reflection aspect of the vampire, they only being up at night time, while the rest of the material shows off how ex's both males and females can be downright ugly and dirty on the inside and outside. This relationship being one that John Fishell just had enough with altogether, can all be heard within this track alone.

When it comes down to both of these tracks, they are a real glimpse into what can be expected upon this upcoming release. They are hard rock tunes, with a rock n' roll vibe, with lots of energy thrown in for good measure. John Fishell is a man of creativeness with more work to pave the way for more music.

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