Pitch Black Process Releases First Ever Video for "I Hate You"

Turkish metallers Pitch Black Process (aka PBP) formerly known as Affliction released their debut album “One Reality” in 2003, and now, nearly 15 years later, the band's first ever official video "I Hate You", taken from the debut album, gets its online release

Comments the band: "Here it is; our very first official video, “I Hate You”, which is taken from our debut album “One Reality” released in 2003. Some very old vaults opened and the video has surfaced for the first time in almost 15 years since the release of the album. It is more than ten years since even we last saw it. So, we hope you will enjoy it!"

Frontman Emrah Demirel adds: "It may seem strange that we have unleashed this old video now, but even though the sound is not so good, the music is not so "original" and the production isn't good either, but we wanted to post this video anyway. Lets call it "the progress of these last 15 years"! This is what we were and where we came from."

For the first time check out the band's first official video right HERE.

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