My Little Pony Movie Concessions Cups, Buckets, and Figurines Oh Joy!

My Little Pony who has not heard of it by now. Since its debut back in 1982, after it's following of its original toy design titled My Pretty Pony, created and developed by  Bonnie Zacherle, Charles Muenchinger, and Steve D'Aguanno, who knew that 35 years later, it would still be such a trot! After its first prime time special "Rescue at Midnight Castle" premiered in 1984, it would launch a series of other specials, full-length movie, and various television series, receiving a form of generations as years went onward.

It's debut series My Little Pony n' Friends was a half hour series that had numerous Hasbro properties join in as My Little Pony was the first segment, with the others following in the second segment back in the 1980's. This would then lead into the next series and generation of the series titled My Little Pony Tales in 1992. It would be at least over a decade before seeing the next generation the third in the My Little Pony series, which ended up having an array of shorts and feature-length films receive the direct to video formula, between 2003 to 2009. It would only take one year, for the next generation in the television series to launch itself in 2010. This fourth and the latest in the My Little Pony series would continue on from 2010 to present day, as this series out of the previous generations would be the one to gallop atop all the others.

That said, the fourth generation titled My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic currently in its seventh year and seventh season, had made the comment of a film possibility happening in terms of a film in the summer of 2012. The first film based off the first generation series debut back in 1986, since this re-launch with the 2010 series a new film to tie into the current run would see fulfillment. So since word was out that a new film would be made, it not feeling like an extended episode or related to other spin off series, one that was also made from this current generation, titled My Little Pony Equestria Girls. This new film taken the same title was the original 1986 film, My Little Pony The Movie would be its own stand alone film, with lots of promotion to get the word out, and back it all up so all would know it.

This would be it, for the film, as various companies would take into the promotion, as My Little Pony The Movie was set for release in fall of 2017, fans alike would not rest until their favorite ponies rode across the BIG screen, as they had done years ago in other carnations of sorts. Thus, a movie company known as Cinema Scene Marketing, a concessions based source that distributed cups, popcorn buckets, popcorn boxes and cup holders, as well as toy figurines, would take in promotion for the film.

For the My Little Pony items, they would be producing numerous sized cups, ranging from 12oz, 44oz, and 16oz, so small, medium, and large sizes. While also offering plastic buckets in 64oz and 170oz sizes to store all your candy and popcorn goodness. Right down to the best part of all, figurines! Yes toy toppers or figurines of your favorite characters would be available as well. In the case of the ponies, mane 6 would be getting 4 out of the 6, this being Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Primarily the items in question are sold within North America only. Occasionally their items hitting into other areas such as Latin America, Europe, and Asia depending on the item in question. But those sold are done through a sister or partner company, so to those in the look out once the movie's release just have to check local theater locations in terms of outside the U.S. As for the U.S. such cinema chains like Cineplex a Canadian Cinema Chain and other various regional cinema chains and independent theatres like AMC, Regency, Pacific Theaters, Cinemark, etc. will be receiving these items, if not other variations from other sources and or companies altogether.

In terms of pricing, they will likely be sold for the average theater price tag of the average sized soft drink, popcorn bucket, and kids meal. In order to get all 4 of the pony figures you will have to buy the kids meal several times, if not one of the other items to get them all. The figures do come in packaged plastic individually, but will the theater sell them that way, maybe or maybe not. Worst comes to worst you can always speak up about wanting said figurines to be wrapped than unwrapped if it suits you.

The quality of the plastic cups, bucket, figurines, are quite well polished. Not literally but in saying so, they are all well made and will last long after leaving the theater, for re-use later on at home. The items are colorful, showing detail of one of the many poster designs given for this film. Lots of excitement, fun, glitter, and color to be had within these concession items of choice. For it be you're choosing of which you want to add to your collection or keepsake in mind.

All in all these items are worthy of owning. So be sure and certain to pick some up when purchasing them at the counter, at your local theater chain, when you're in attendance with seeing the new 2017 rendition of the My Little Pony series, that only got started a mere 35 years ago. This time around it being something totally new, in terms of production, quality, style, entertainment  and loads and loads of friendship! This is My Little Pony the fourth generation series Friendship Is Magic.

Thus My Little Pony The Movie, for the current and next generation to take in and enjoy. As if it's fan base was not already enough, it will get bigger and better!

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