Indie pop-rock songwriter Matthew Schwartz, also known as Pacifico, is thrilled to announce details for his newest album "Everest", which is set for release ahead of his national tour on October 20th, 2017. An honest expression of Matthew's raw self, "Everest", is a self-produced collection of twelve catchy indie-rock tracks, filled with themes of life, love, struggles, faith, and the emotions that make up everyone in one way or another.

On the upcoming release of "Everest", Pacifico's Matthew Schwartz states:"For my new album Everest, I challenged myself to take new strides in the way I wrote music and what I wrote about. This album truly was my highest mountain to climb and I did so alongside many talented and fascinating artistic friends and collaborators."

The album's debut track, "Go Alone," is an energetic and uplifting rock track with clear influence in grunge and active rock. On the single, Matthew Schwartz states: "In 'Go Alone' I am facing one of my biggest fears: being alone. This song is about finding the strength within yourself to keep going and to build something beautiful on your own." 

Check out the new song turned lyrical video right HERE.

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