Tracy Grave Releases Video for "Over The Top" And New Album "Sleazy Future" Out Now!

Frontman Tracy Grave stands against the "big": We have nothing less than them.

Tracy Grave, frontman of the homonym ban, has vented his anger and his anger about the situation of band opener to famous groups.

"We are not going to enrich the 80s band that is now over, or band of imitators, paying to open one of their live shows. If these big names want to prove they can still say something, then they should face the new generation on the stage, and not begging for money to warm up the audience.
We are fresh, we live hours of live and we have new things to say. We are pissed off with the world, we are hungry for music and the public, and we make a lot of profit from it. "

Tracy adds: "And sincerely to open to groups like Skid Row, Judas Priest or L.A. Guns does not give a fuck. Do they want to prove that they are still at height? That open us a concert. We do not charge anything! I am amazed by the groups that, to appear, are lowered to pay these rock prostitutes. The value of a band no longer exists!"

Tracy Grave has just released his new album "Sleazy Future" with his own homonym band. Off that new album comes a new track turned video titled "Over The Top", which can be seen HERE.

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