Stock Footage - Anywhere But Here

DIY indie punk rockers Stock Footage, have released their follow-up EP "Anywhere But Here", which follows 2015's "Nerves and Lead" EP release. During that time frame, the band was completely different than the way of how they are now. From being a power trio to a duo act, Stock Footage, has come a ways from being who they were once before. As "Anywhere But Here", had captured the band as an dynamic duo with chemistry, as the six songs that were recorded, were energetic, reflective, but always melodic and compelling, it kept the band more rounded yet defined. In short, "Anywhere But Here" is an EP that tends to capture the excitement, anxiety, and hope at being at one of life's turning points says the band anyway. Which makes perfect sense really, as this EP is chalk full of this manner, literally from start to finish, the EP just flourishes, building upward, as the material expands, enhancing their sound, making the release become whole. Especially upon such tracks as "Neon Lights", "Little Hurricane", "Lost", and "Petals Left Unplucked". It's as if the material is much more bendable, yet flexing as well. Besides all the other depictions that were called for, Stock Footage's latest EP offering that comes in the form of "Anywhere But Here", is a more polished piece of work, that makes way for more to come from an act, such as this DIY effort that is here now.

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