Tonota 80 - Killer Sands And Beating Hearts

Who would have thought that news, could come in the form of an album. But in this day and age, apparently anything is possible. This is what brings punk rock trio Tonota 80 to the forefront of the music scene, with their new album "Killer Sands And Beating Hearts". Which is the news at hand here, because Tonota 80 transmits news, fairly well, so well in fact, that said news about this album, is so great, that all need to hear it. So let it be known, that this trio has released an album, that is rather shall we say, good. 

At first track, which so happens to be one of two singles picked off the album by the band, titled "She Let Go", is a loudly driven guitar based track, with vocalization as well, just makes the rest of the instruments flow in, creating this progression of rock that is hard to resist. The same goes for the next single off this album "Could Do Better". Now this one, just like the other single, is very much like a lot of other rock n' roll indie type of acts, combining their punk rock flare as well, that creates this everlasting, angst of aggression and progression in tone of their music. Like take for instance, acts like early Green Day or the guitar driven melodies of Thin Lizzie, that is how Tonota 80 is a lot like. "Tonight", "What People Say", and "No Good", are likely the other array of tracks to come from this release, that make it more grounded yet fun.

When it comes down to this album, it is filled with catchy harmonies and unforgettable melodies that makes the noise banter of the guitar, more entertaining than it needs to be. It is how Tonota 80's music came from the news that is this album "Killer Sands And Beating Hearts".

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