Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones - She Can Flow

Set for a release of sometime this year, "Lights Are Burning" is the latest album to come from Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones. But besides that release coming out and about soon enough, another piece of work is currently spreading, in the form of a single titled "She Can Flow". The track being co-written by Rob Larkin & Emily Smith, also featuring Emily Smith on lead vocals and harmonies as well. The track of which, being a starting point, of the expected material to come from the album that is yet to be released.

How does the track hold up to the material in question that is not out just yet. Well.... it does so fairly enough to keep you interested for the most part. As it becomes a sort of track, to be made as background noise. Like it's playing there, but you never notice it. You know there is much in the presents of time, but don't take glance at what it is really. It is just music for the listening experience, that it enlightens as well as entertains you.

More or less, it is a track of its kind. It is fresh, edgy, yet twists on itself, as pure vintage, being rock yet bluesy as well. Lots of other mixing's to toss about with some funk, soul, and Americana too. That is the drive of which Rob Larkin& The Wayward Ones expresses most. "She Can Flow", does all of this if not more. It's a lot of fun, with lots of energy to spare upon. Just as the album it comes from, with likely even more material that will overlap itself.

Surely though, this track and the album to accompany it, will be suitable releases keep the music flowing. For as the track title says "She Can Flow", and she sure can, thanks to Rob Larkin & The Wayward Ones.

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