Precious Child's Precious Talks of the Whole Picture

Precious Child has already released an EP "Trapped" with the follow-up release of an album titled "Whole" out this summer! Precious talks of the differences, comparisons, and everything else that surrounds this album that is "Whole", as well as it's accompanying single and video release found here:

1. How would you describe Precious Child's visual style?

I adapt my visual style to the primary medium. The music. I appreciate art that allows for depth of interpretation.  Art that does not spoon feed the audience. Art which has multiple meanings, that suggests that the audience can attain a personal interpretation.

2. Why did you think that a name such as Precious Child would be suitable to name this project, is it a solo project or a band?

Because you are precious.

3. You released a video and single of the track "Whole", where you worked with Cade, can you explain the meaning behind the song and video's concept?

Fans tell me that they think the song and video is about being yourself. I like that.

4. For your previous video was for "My Little Problem", you also collaborated with Cade. What is it about his work that keeps you coming back for continued work together?

Cade is my big brother. We are both opinionated, strong willed, cerebral. Our process includes much dissent and debate. I think we achieve powerful results.

5. "My Little Problem" comes from your EP release 'Trapped", tell me about this release and how does it compare and contrast to your album "Whole"?

"TRAPPED" was originally an interim album that I wrote while writing a third unnamed album that will likely be released in 2019.  I did a few secret shows in LA performing the music on "TRAPPED" and the audience reacted favorably so I released the album. "WHOLE" is more coherent and I wrote much of the music as a sonic statement.

6. Where are you in the process of the album "Whole"?

The album is completed and will be released shortly. I hope you enjoy it.

7. Why go with such a title as "Whole", what does it represent for the album?

What does it mean to be whole?  If you were a circle, would you be whole or hollow?

8. What about the album's artwork, how does the art depict the music, found upon the album?

The album artwork is not released yet.

9. When can we expect the album to be released?

Right now May seems like a good month.  I’ll be releasing it to my mailing list for download first so sign up at

10. Will there be any more tracks taken from this album, to receive the single and or video treatment as the other tracks had received?

Yes, I have three more music videos to release for this album. They are all completed and will be released every 4-6 weeks.

11. What are the plans to come from Precious Child for 2018?

This new album, videos, and not-secret live shows.

12. Any other messages for the readers to acknowledge?

Sign up at Social media companies are ultra-conservative and are not hospitable to my art. Two instagram accounts of mine have been deleted and "WHOLE" was deleted from Facebook video.  I have no desire to rely on the senseless inhumane standards of a few billionaires and aim to go fully direct.

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