Phoenix Rising's Scott and Lee Express the Emotions and Energy of their Music

Phoenix Rising have got a debut album on their hands titled "From the Ashes", with several tracks already receiving the single and video treatment, with many more to follow in tow. Frontman vocalist Scott Lathwood and guitarist Lee Deane express themselves with how their music takes on various genres, the single's and video's that have been released thus far, and where their music will take them next, in terms of more tunes, shows, videos and much more in progress! Be sure to check out the video of "If I Say No", right HERE.

1. First off, who are you and what role do you take part in playing in Phoenix Rising?

Scott Lathwood - Singer.
Lee Deane - Guitarist.

2. How would you describe your style?

Scott:  Our style is a hybrid of Nu Metal Rap Rock, EDM and Alternative Rock. It can go from super heavy to super melodic in seconds.

3. Please can you tell us about the history of your band and the members behind it?

Scott:  Kent (Rapper/screamer) actually found us all on Craigslist, Which is pretty amazing considering the cohesiveness of all 6 members and how well we get along.  Normally bands have to go through three lineup changes to find the right members. Before we knew it we were in LA recording an album with Tyler Smyth and making music videos. The members are Kent Summerour and Myself (Scott Lathwood) on Vocals , Lee Deane (Guitar) Allan Kurt (Bass) James Espinoza (Drums) and Mark Ridlen (Synth).

4. What are your songs about?

Scott:  Overcoming personal adversity, standing up for what you believe in. Giving hope and a voice to those who feel they have none.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Scott:  We have so many influences depending on which member you ask. It ranges from VNV Nation, Killswitch Engage to Periphery and The Beatles.  The spectrum is so vast in this band which makes what we do so special. It's like painting with the most spectacular pallet, nothing seems to be off limits.

6. Why did you want "If I Say No" and "Do You Know" to be the songs of choice, in terms of singles and or video releases from the "From the Ashes" album.

Lee:  Well, both "If I Say No" and "Do You Know" both reflect on themes very prominent to the band which are perseverance and overcoming adversity. We liked the thought of starting fairly hidden and "Do You Know" worked very well for that. The "If I Say No" comic felt like a great true introduction to the group. But, we have a lot more singles and music videos coming from "From The Ashes."

7. "If I Say No", was a comic book inspired video, but will that medium format into an actual comic book digital or otherwise?

Lee:  We definitely have a few things in the work for a physical comic book and some other fun media away from just music and accompanying videos.

8.  Aside from those singles and videos another for the song "Unlocked" was recently put together, can you disclose the details?

Scott:  Yeah, we actually just recorded the video clip for that, 16 hours later and a lot of sweat and scratches.  It was a lot of fun.  As far as the details are concerned, it's a song about facing our demons that's done in a really cool creative way. You'll have to wait to see it.

9. How many tracks have been picked for singles and or videos from the album "From the Ashes"?

Lee:  One thing that we as a group wanted to approach a little differently was the concept of a single. Every song will have some kind of visual component released with them. We want it to be more than just music, more of a total experience which we carry to the stage as well.

10. What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?
Scott:  Really well, people within the industry have been really impressed with what we have been able to do without being attached to a record label, and I think the fans are super excited to hear a new band with this kind of spin in this genre to be honest. It's very promising for the future.

11. Why should someone buy your singles/releases?

Scott:  So we can make more music and release more music vids :), sounds simple, I know, but people often forget that these things cost a LOT of money to make. We know bands, that have broken up because they can't afford to go on. So if you like a band, support them.

12. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Lee:  Definitely check out our website at It has our music videos, our merch and links to all of socials/YouTube/Spotify/iTunes. Make sure and sign up to the newsletter for the most up to date and exclusive content!

13. Do you play live as well? If so, describe for us your performance tactics and why should one attend a show?

Scott:  If you come to a live show, you can expect a lot of energy and emotion both musically and visually.  We have spent a lot of time preparing for our live show.  We went into this with the vision to create something different from every other band on the local scene in hopes that it would set us apart. We really wanted to create a live experience, something that would emulate an arena show in a smaller venue.  So far, the feedback has been amazing!

14. What are the plans that you have for the mean time as a band?

Lee:  As of now our days are filled with a flurry of shows, music video creation and continuing to write. It’s important to us to keep pushing and evolving.

15. Would you want to add on anything else?
Thanks for checking us out, and thanks Natalie, for having us here. Make sure and subscribe/like/follow for the loads of new content we have coming out soon.

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