Ignys Gives the Rundown of the Experiences Put into their Lives and Music

Symphonic metal act IGNYS have released what is their debut EP release titled "Vestigium". Having released said EP release, the band goes on to explain how music, experiences within their lives, all come together, with all that they do. They plan to release much more material in terms of songs, some secrets in-between, as well as some videos, if not some other surprises as well! Plus find out what they said in a video only found below!

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

It all started when Albert Jiménez and I met on a metal concert years ago and became friends, so after realizing we loved the same music style, we decided to put a band together.  Carlos Paez joined next with his great guitar technique being a long time friend. Hermes Sanchez happened to be Carlos’ classmate, played keyboards and also liked the style we wanted to go for. Last 2 members to join were Saul Kiese on bass and after a long search for a drummer, Seba Ramirez joined. That’s how IGNYS was born.

2. How does one get a name like Ignys, what does it represent or symbolize for the band and it's accompanying music?

To me it represents the fire deep inside all of us. We always get to choose what to do with it, whether we are aware of this or not. Hate, can be a powerful tool to shape oneself into a better human being, and so is forgiveness. To us, "Ignys", the fire -or spirit- is what motivates us and challenges us to face ourselves.

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

Classical music, Symphonic metal, Power Metal, Dramatic Theater, Movie Soundtracks, and Folk music.

4. When it comes to the lyrical writing, what course of topics does the band tend to cover?

We talk about the band member’s experiences and we try to represent the feelings those experiences brought to our lives. The main goal is to connect the listener to the song, that's why we write on topics such as anger, hate, regret, confusion, closure, forgiveness, damnation, love, longing, sadness, loneliness, etc.

5. Can you tell me a little about your debut EP "Vestigium", this being your first release correct? What goes through your mind, what makes you feel?

Correct. When writing the songs with Aldo Benegas we had an amazing experience. It was a connection that I never felt before and the songs just started to take form so naturally. So being able to see our work accepted, embraced and shared in this way and having this welcome from so many is the most amazing thing we could have ever expected; these songs were created in such an intimate way with a wide range of emotions and deep thoughts involved, that I ended up learning so much about myself! You can imagine how happy we are knowing now how other Metal fans like ourselves connect with our music. 

6. Why the decision to release a debut EP instead of a debut full-length album?

There are a couple reasons, but the main one is that we respect music so deeply that we just can't share our songs knowing it's not really the best we could have done, and we had to choose between going for a 6 Tracks EP with great production or for a full-length album with average production, from the financial point of view.

So we chose what's best for our music and the huge respect we have towards our metal brothers and sisters. Don't get me wrong. We think demo releases are great, as long as they are the best the band could do for their music and for the listener.

7. Were there any left over songs from the EP that will be put to good use for a future release?

Yes! we already have the songs for our debut album! :)

8. Every artist or band tends to have a "favorite" song off their latest efforts, but do they really? What is it about the "favorite" that makes it so special and unique?

This is a good question because it is really hard to pick a favorite child (laughs). From an artistic point of view, probably the latest favorite song will always be the one that touched or developed over a fresh element, a new color the composer isn't so used to because no previous song demanded it. But I don't think it is possible to pick a favorite one consistently (laughs). We certainly can't (laughs).

9. How is the metal scene going in your country?

Considering that we are less than 7 million people in our country, I think the metal scene is growing, slowly but it never stops growing. There are many cover bands and bands with original songs in almost all metal genres! But it hasn't come yet to the point where bands could make a living playing gigs. It's like the question "what came first? The chicken or the egg?" (laughs). Bands can't afford making shows with good setup, good sound let alone record an EP or Album while working full time outside the music scene, but because of that the public is not motivated to support the bands... so.

10. Can you tell us, have you had the chance to play abroad yet?

Not yet, but we would love to go for it. We are ready to give our fans a great and hopefully unique show!

11. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

I believe in the uniqueness of each band so I don't think it is possible to compete on an artistic level.
I think Ignys is and will be different from most bands and artists because of the wide elements of different music genres each song will develop on, because the way we compose is very specific on what emotion will come after the other, so that concept drives the pace, contrast and energy curve of the lyrics. Lyrics that will then drive and demand which intervals, rhythm, timbre or texture, octave and acoustic shape of each instrument will be required to reinforce the feel on each section of the song. So, we are not locked on or even think about a music genre when we write our songs.

12. What does next year hold for Ignys?

Many more songs with secret messages for the fans to figure out (laughs). Hopefully a couple music videos and one or two other surprises we can't talk about yet (laughs)! But mostly, a lot of metal!

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