[B.ABUSE] Release New Song "Nothing Will Remain"

German post-crust experimental band [B.ABUSE] have teamed up with Transcending Obscurity to stream "Nothing Will Remain", a new track from their forthcoming album "Memories Of Better Days Are Gone".

The site commented that "Nothing Will Remain starts off on a heavier note, with riffs that have a bottom heavy tone and immediately bring some crust and noise rock influences to mind.But it doesn’t take long before the band changes gears, as around the minute and a half mark the sound opens up significantly and incorporates some scorching leads.  While this is going on there are prominent bass lines working to fill out the sound, giving off a Voivod and post punk vibe.  [b.abuse] seamlessly moves from one element to the next with relative ease, taking the listener on a musical journey that offers a dark and heavy vibe one moment and a melodic, introspective one the next. "

Listen to "Nothing Will Remain" here: https://tometal.com/song-premiere-german-crust-noise-rock-band-b-abuse/.

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