Meltdown Gets Signed, Announces New Album, And Releases New Video for "Rip Out My Eyes"

Imminence Records has announced the signing of Spanish metalcore outfit Meltdown to it's ever-growing roster. Along with the signing announcement, the band has released the video for their lead single, entitled "Rip Out My Eyes," off the forthcoming label debut "From This Day To The Grave", that will be released March 16th 2018 on Imminence Records and Art Gates Records.

""Rip Out My Eyes" is probably the song that represents our album's sound the best. You get some heavy breakdowns, dark atmospheres, post-hardcore riffs, and a chorus with a pretty emotional melody that hits hard! I think this was the first song we wrote for this album; the moment it came out we knew that this was the right way.: - Mikel Amundarain (Guitarist)


1. Rip Out My Eyes
2. Just Run
3. Titans (Feat. Rober from Bellako)
4. Love is Rage
5. F.I.R.E.
6. Death Is A Promise (Feat. Flo from Landmvrks)
7. Museo Ibiltaria (With Gartxot)
8. Underdogs
9. Black and Cold
10. Poison Cliff

Check out the video right HERE.

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