Absorb Recruits New Member

German death metal band Absorb has announced the addition of guitarist Michael Koch . Guitarist Stefan Pfisty says of the latest addition, "We are very proud to welcome Michl as the newest member of Absorb. He was the missing element we have been searching for and definitely fits in the group. We know each other since 1991, and now he finally joined our camp, and we are delighted to convey our next chapter of death metal with him."

Absorb, was founded as an intransigent death-metal-band established since 1989 in Germany/Bavaria. The band released 2 demos and then in 1994 split-up. In 2007  Stefan Pfisty and Jochen Steger reformed the band and released a new CD "Dealing with Pain". The band's last EP "Vision Apart" was released in September 2015. Right now the band are working on their new album which will be released at the end of 2018.

Check out their music off their lastest EP "Visions Apart" HERE.

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