Melbourne Australia's most exciting export, EARTH CALLER has signed with Entertainment One / Lifeblood, Inc. and released a brand new music video for their single, "Fall" exclusively via NEW NOISE MAGAZINE. This is the band's first bit of music and music video we're seeing from their forthcoming LP.

"This song is about a bit of a messy break up I had and the process of how it came to unfold," says Earth Caller Vocalist Josh Collard. "I was a bit of a mess myself at the time and more or less realised that we were both guilty of similar things which is why Sophie Jest (who features on the track and acts in the videoclip) sings the chorus back at me in the bridge"

"Lyrically this album is far more personal and emotional. Sonically it’s heavier, faster and more melodic. Honestly, the band has never been more proud of a body of work than we are of this album and judging by the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve already received when we perform new material live - it appears the fans are into too!"

EARTH CALLER will release "Crystal Death", via Entertainment One / Lifeblood, Inc. on January 19, 2018. "Fall" is also being offered as an iTunes instant gratification track, meaning fans who pre order the album via iTunes will get that song as an immediate download.

These are days of tumult and turmoil, when good people grow tired of the worsening status quo. Revolution comes in multiple guises, from armed insurrection to cultural shifts. EARTH CALLER is a call to arms, a loud rallying cry to mobilize, inspire and revolt.

These five men from Melbourne, Australia adeptly combine the urgent bare-knuckled hardcore sound and spirit of First Blood, Terror and Madball with the crushingly massive metallic bounce of modern metalcore. There’s even a bit of the ragged melodies of punk legends like NOFX and Bad Religion. It’s all driven by the socio-political consciousness and hip-hop feel of Rage Against The Machine, the frustration of the streets, and fused with the giant screamed choruses popularized by Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon.

The catharsis of crushing guitars, polyrhythmic riffs, driving drums and the impassioned pleas of a hardscrabble singer won’t change the world on its own, but EARTH CALLER is a powerful tool to inspire the change within that helps lead to change worldwide.

Pre-order the album HERE.


1. Pipe Dreams
2. Sucka
3. No Forgiveness
4. Exposed
5. Dying Beside You
6. Never In Never Around
7. A Ghost
8. Fall ft. Sophie Jest
9. Mirror
10. May 16
11. Hold On ft. Taylar Paige

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