Dog In The Snow - Consume Me

"Consume Me" the debut full-length from Helen Ganya's new project Dog In The Show, takes on her exploration of self-identity within the culture and ideals of her foreign homelands and herself being mixed race among other experiences surrounding her well being.

The album consists of 10-tracks all of which being solid pieces of effort, including the opening number titled "Sea", that really captures the essence of a whole another experience. Her being of exposure and experience as a whole, really shinning upon this track, it is wisdom and mystical elements thrown about it. Whilst other tracks like "Blood", "Face Me", "Mirror", and "Magic", are more or less the tracks that pull you into this album as a whole. They alone really taking you in, pulling you as said, with their harmonies and melodies of the tracks, the instrumentals being used being so vividly yet fluidly that they feel so realistic to the ear of the listener.

Like when listening to the sooth vocalization of the tracks, keeps an "at ease" pace of being. As the music in full on focus, creates more of an in-depth experience, really embracing the music as a whole, capturing it, as it intertwines making it become soothing, yet catching and very in tune with everything in play. How the music creates this experience is just so interesting, it is just the way the music speaks to you, with its vocals and instrumentals, it makes it more memorable. That is how these particular tracks play out, they become so breath taking it is hard to resist.

In short "Consume Me", is an album of sorts that just has a lot going for it, with so much to offer as well. Dog In The Show has the same similarity of feelings of to that of Nostalghia's style and traits, both female vocalists, with the tone of music, that really captures the essence at whelm. Thus, creating a bond with the listener that can be easy listening yet interactive too.

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