Le Roi Releases New Song and Video for "Keep Calm and Carry On"

Le Roi plays electronic rock with big sound. The new single Keep Calm and Carry On tells about unfounded aggression and name-calling towards other people.

”’Weird’ is one of the key words of the lyrics, and the song is weird in itself. It mixes different genres open-mindedly, which is altogether typical of Le Roi. You can hear influences of Daft Punk and some heavy metal riffs. It was especially cool to get to play low-tune 7-string guitar in a pop song”, says Eero Salonlahti, who is the writer and the singer and guitarist of Le Roi.

”The starting point in the lyrics is that everyone can be who they are. Or it should be possible, but it’s not yet reality. It’s depressing, how much people dare to shout terrible things to each other and what people write on web forums. Everybody should respect ach others right to physical and verbal integrity. Why is equality such a difficult issue?” asks the other lyricist Outi Salonlahti.

On Keep Calm and Carry On music video unusual characters wearing masks play and dance happily together, but also argue and fight. You can meet for example Poo Emoji, werewolf and creepy clown.

Keep Calm and Carry On video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QQZyHm_lUBw.

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