Soil - Re-Live-Ing the Scars (CD+DVD)

Long time rockers Soil went ahead and recorded a concert of theirs back in October of 2011 for a CD/DVD release out at the Electric Ballroom in London, England. This was a sold out showcase that captures that night of Soil history along with some behind the scenes footage that you can only find on this release.

Being rejoined by frontman Ryan McCombs the man behind Drowning Pool at one point in his career he then returned to Soil for this event of theirs celebrating their 10 years together. This set captures the concert mania that is Soil having songs such as "Breaking Me Down", "Redefine", "Halo", and "Wide Open", being performed for the sold out crowd that just brings the heat and craziness from start to finish.

The CD portion relives this night having the band and Ryan goofing off not leaving anything out for the fans keeping it all together having you get a feel and vibe of how and why Soil is who they are live especially. Overall this is release Soil has made possible and really showcases their passion and love for the music and the fans that have been there for them through all of these years. This is a set that you will not want to miss and fans of Drowning Pool, Papa Roach, Hurt, and Hellyeah will definitely dig it.

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