The warm, dry air of the Los Angeles basin continues its constant temperature, inviting art and progress for those who can stare through the plastic debauchery of its passing inhabitants.  Just underneath the surface, buried in a submarine-like state of creative metamorphosis, the four original members of electronic rock outfit SHINY TOY GUNS shape-shift in circles; building, cutting, carving and finishing an album they have spent the last three years of their lives in violent labor with. III, which marks the elated return of vocalist Carah Faye Charnow and the first new material by the original line-up in six years, will be released October 23 on Five Seven Music.  The lead single “Waiting Alone” made its debut yesterday, June 26 on Alternative Press’ site and is available now at iTunes and all other digital retailers.

III, the band’s third album features Carah Faye Charnow, the original vocalist who, along with band mates Chad Petree (vocals/guitars), Jeremy Dawson (keyboards) and Mikey Martin (drums), propelled SHINY TOY GUNS into the spotlight with their first hits “Le Disko” and “You Are The One” from their debut 2006 release We Are Pilots.  Production on III, courtesy of Mirror Machines (the band’s Petree and Dawson), is lush and dramatic, ranging from driving tracks like “Somewhere To Hide,” “Mercy” and “The Sun” to sublime like “Wait For Me” and “Fading Listening.”  The album is mixed by the legendary Tony Maserati (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jason Mraz).

Leading up to its release, parts of “Waiting Alone” has been selectively unveiled via “#loverunner,” an unbelievable journey filmed across 6,000 miles of the United States over the course of 25 days. One of the largest and most extensive projects SHINY TOY GUNS have ever attempted, “#loverunner” is the visual and video interpretation of “Waiting Alone.”  All the parts will come together as an artistic video presented in July.

The first two segments of “#loverunner” are available now HERE:
“Waiting Alone” can also be found at:

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