The Word Alive - Life Cycles

The Word Alive's "Life Cycles" release is one that takes a listener such as myself who has heard their material from the numerous front personal they have had over the course of their careers and it makes me think why?

This is only the second release and it doesn't compare to any of their previous releases not by a long shot. This as stated by frontman Tyler Smith is heavier and directs you towards the metal head advantage point but thats as far as it gets. It also happens to be the first release to not have a keyboardist since their previous one Dusty Riach parted ways at the start of this year. But anyway "Life Cycles" does of course bring forth its two singles "Entirety" along with the title track and these alone set up what you can expect to hear throughout. Nothing more than your typical metalcore screams with techno beats that brings to mind that of Blood On The Dance Floor crosses Motionless In White having even those bands sound better than this.

It goes without saying that this is a release gives The Word Alive a chance to expand without its keyboardist being present having that space fill in the blanks but it's nothing more than that, it fills in the spaces being nothing else.

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