The Bunny The Bear - The Stomach For It

Having only heard The Bunny The Bear on and off from various video clips their sound never caught my interest. Nor has it to a variety of other reviews across the net. But from my point of view the music is catchy at some points but the vocal range varies quite a bit on this offering it being the third album to date.

It brings that techno beat with hardcore screams with clean cut vocals all mixed together that makes it sound downright awful. The music is choppy not as creative let alone unique as I had thought it would be. Songs such as "Lonely", "I'm Scared Aloud", "Pieces" and It Kills Me" demonstrate this and it just isn't cutting it for me.

The Bunny The Bear is a creative set of musicians but this musical approach they got going for themselves is one that isn't cutting it for everyone out there. Surly fans of The Blood On The Dance Floor and Jeffree Star will dig these guys no problem.

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