Emilie Autumn's Fight Like A Girl

Gothic mistress Emilie Autumn will return with an all new full-length "Fight Like A Girl" this summer and will bring forth a double header with these two new singles "Time For Tea", and "Fight Like A Girl".

"Time For Tea", sets a scene for a massacre having audio effects occurring every so often it's like you’re listening to a movie being performed live. While the musical portion is downright heavy and gloomy with its realm of darkness surrounding every minute of it having Emilie do her vocal tones in a way that is creative and stunning. The other single being the title track is more upbeat than darkened having a catchier groove method being more to her older works so the classic fans will fall dead for this.

All in all this is an upcoming album that will surely not want to be missed showcasing Emilie's classical roots with upbeat reality of her forthcoming future. You can buy these singles HERE.

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