Blood On The Dance Floor – Double Header Review: Evolution and Clubbed To Death

Blood On The Dance Floor have hit us with a double header this time! Not only have they released their all new album "Evolution" but have gone on to release an EP as well entitled "Clubbed To Death". Both of these releases consist of the classy Blood On The Dance Floor style of techno electronica with a blast of pop rock makes it more upbeat and catchier than previous releases.

“Evolution” takes singles such as “Unforgiven” and “Rise and Shine” delivering their uniqueness in a whole new fashion while other tracks consist of voiceovers talking about suicide and bullying. "Hollywood Tragedy", "Frankenstein The Bride", "The Law Of Love", and "You Are The Heart", are the ones to stand out the most having catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, with even groovier tones keeps the music constantly moving.

Now with the “Clubbed To Death” EP it features a handful of tracks that sound like they could have been added on to the “Evolution” release. There just as fun and upbeat! In any case Blood On The Dance Floor have outdone themselves this time around and these are surly to be heard again and again.

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