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Rhode Island's THY WILL BE DONE recently completed work on a brand new EP that is slated for release later this summer. The band, renowned for their DIY approach, engineered the EP themselves and teamed up once again with acclaimed metal producer Zeuss to mix their six brand new studio tracks. With influences and roots that harkens the listener back to metal's glory days, and songs and arrangements that echo the voice of the oppressed and broken, the end result is a release that brings hope and far surpasses its predecessors, and in all aspects possesses the capabilities of cementing THY WILL BE DONE's position in the metal world. More details, including title and release date will be revealed in the coming weeks.  Check out a video preview for the EP HERE.

Frontman J. Costa spoke about the new song "You, The Apathy Divine":

"The song, 'You, The Apathy Divine' occurs in what is the proverbial middle of the EP and is a pivotal point of the recording with its own musical and lyrical intermezzo. For me, its timbre exudes the anguish and despair of someone dealing with infidelity after having just lost multiple relatives. That's what happened in my life and I needed to express it."

Listen to the new track by going to Revolver Magazine's website HERE.

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