Stellar Corpses Coffin of a Good Time Interview

Stellar Corpses Santa Cruz, Californian locals are horror punks of our day and age and have just recently released their all new album "Dead Stars Drive-In". To celebrate this latest achievement the band has departed on a tour of promotional dates getting the word out as much as possible. With that said the first single and video for the song "Vampire Kiss" caught the craze of what these guys are capable of and the rest is history….

1. Why the name Stellar Corpses I didn't think corpses were stellar being's I thought they were the undead?

Stellar Corpse is an astronomy term that means "dead star." A black hole and a super nova are stars that have died.

2. Congrats on the release of your second album "Dead Stars Drive-In" do you think now you can take a sigh of relief that it's done and now out?

Yes, we're very happy that our monster-piece is finally out! But now the real work begins, touring! We're just starting a two month tour in the US including 5 shows on the East Coast with Marky Ramone and Michale Graves.

3. So you had a few special guest appearances on this new album of yours mind telling us about who they were and why did you want them to be a part of it?

Hunter Burgan (AFI) was kind enough to do some backup vocals on three songs and he appears in our music video for Vampire Kiss too. Jade (AFI) did some sound design on Be Still My Heart and Michale Graves (Misfits) did guest vocals on Twisted Fantasy. We are big fans of AFI and Michale Graves, so we were thrilled to have them be a part of this project.

4. What about the video for the song "Vampire Kiss" tell me about that what was the concept behind it?

Both song and video pays tribute to the best vampire movie in the world The Lost Boys. The video itself was filmed in our hometown Santa Cruz, California.

5. Dead Stars Drive-In why did you want to go and call the album that? Are there really dead stars at the drive in?

As I mentioned before, Stellar Corpses refers to stars that have died. Not only black holes and super nova’s, but also movie stars and rock stars. Some of our favorites are Elvis, Marilyn, Bela Lugosi, and Vampira, all of whom are referenced in the title track Dead Stars Drive-In. The drive-in part comes from our local drive-in movie theater that got torn down. We're paying tribute to the ones that are gone but will live on forever in our lives and memories.

6. It’s been three years since your last release why such a wide gap between albums?

We spent a long time writing the songs and saving up for the recording. We are our own record label. We also tour a lot. We could put out an album every year, but the quality wouldn't be as good and we only want to give our fans the best.

7. I noticed that your good friends with Calabrese have you ever considered doing a full tour with those guys?

Sure! We would love to tour with our good friends.

8. Do you remember the day that you got signed to Santa Carla Records? What was running through your mind?

It's actually just our own record label, we just made the name as a reference to the Lost Boys... they changed the name of our city from Santa Cruz to Santa Carla for the film.

9. Valentine's Day is coming up how would Stellar Corpses celebrate it?

We'll celebrate love of course! Everyone we love, have loved and will love. Emilio's birthday is on Feb 16th and we're taking a day off in Las Vegas to party!

10. Which member has their way with the ladies?

We all do, but sometimes the ladies have their way with us.

11. Describe the person next to you using one word.


12. Have you ever done an interview where you ended up killing the interviewer after the camera got turned off?

We could tell you but then we'd have to kill you.

13. What makes you guys special and why should we check you guys out?

You will never in your life see such talented, smart and handsome young men share the stage for the sole purpose of entertaining you!

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