Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

Bleeding Through is Orange County’s calling card to metal but over the years their style has gone from metalcore to hardcore to mellow dramatic rock to this, this being in this case their seventh album to date, “The Great Fire” and how great that fire is…..

Hence the 14-tracks offered provide a more hardcore approach taking such songs as “The Devil and Self Doubt”, “Trail of Seclusion”, and “Back To Life”, are just the tunes that really bring out the synths, drums, guitars, and even vocals a whole lot more than usual. For the fans they will be quite impressed let alone surprised throughout this release.

With bands like Abigail Williams and Winds of Plagues to batter the flames, Bleeding Through have take what they have gained from other acts and put it to full effect on this latest effort having it be nothing more nor nothing less than an average piece of work.

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