3 Inches of Blood’s Cam Pipes Long Lives Heavy Metal, But do You?

Twelve years together and four albums in, Victoria, British Columbians 3 Inches Of Blood have toured across the U.S. and the U.K. numerous times and now that their forthcoming is upon us they just have one thing to say about it "Long Live Heavy Metal"! Frontman Cam Pipes discusses the band’s upcoming album saying that it’s an album their really proud of and will blow people’s socks off. Discussion is also said about long time bassist Aaron Gustafson departing from the band and having new comer Byron coming into the picture as the new bass man of the future. Find out what else was said and what you can expect.

1. First of all, tell us how the split with your long-time bass player Aaron Gustafson came about?

Cam: Aaron wasn't our long time bassist. He only did two tours with us in 2011. Basically it didn't work out.

2. How do you think your new bass player is fitting in?

Cam: Fitting in well. Byron is a long time friend of the band. He filled in on a short tour a few years ago when we were between bassists. The opportunity just came up now that he was available to play with us, so he hit us up about the gig.

3. What can you tell me about your upcoming album Long Live Heavy Metal?

Cam: We are very proud of this record. There's something special about it that is hard to describe, but we think it's gonna blow people's socks off.

4. Talk to me about the album artwork, there was an artistic vision you had to go along with the album itself?

Cam: We tried to keep it simple and have the title be the focus rather than the artwork.

5. The first and only time I've seen 3 Inches of Blood was when you toured with Cradle of Filth and The 69 Eyes back in 2007, do you remember that tour?

Cam: It was '07 but yes that was a very good tour.

6. Come March you will be taking part in this year's Metal Alliance Tour are you excited? Who are you most excited to be seeing and playing with?

Cam: We've toured with DevilDriver before and The Faceless too but all the other bands are mostly unfamiliar to us. So it should be interesting nevertheless.

7. You guys have toured a lot but where hasn't 3 Inches of Blood toured in or would like to make their mark in?

Cam: There's always somewhere that we'd like to go and break new ground but you always have to go back to places and keep reminding the fans what you're all about.

8. What else can we expect to see from you guys for this year?

Cam: We'll be on the road a lot. It’s just the life of a band and what we live for.

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