Anti-Flag – The General Strike

Whenever word of politics, government issues, or any other type of emergency relating to our world who better than to call good old Anti-Flag to settle it out? SideOneDummy artist is back with their eighth studio album since 2009's "The People or the Gun" but me personally hadn't listened to them since their 2008 release "The Bright Lights of America" me being an extra in the video for the title track of that release.

Any who, Anti-Flag are back and with this second release through SideOneDummy Records, the first single 'The Neoliberal Anthem" just released has already sparked interest in what else is in store for these rebellious figures. Leading man Justin Sane shouts on the new album "Get up! Your voices are needed!" "The General Strike" delivers 13 tracks that is considerably their most aggressive to date. Influences come from modern folk punk rock to hardcore adrenaline that keeps this release tight and heavy hitting. It’s familiar yet it enrages the band's appeal and emotion more than ever before. "Bullshit Opportunities", and "Broken Bones" are one's that stand out quite well on this release the riffs are catchy with the lyrics powerful and strong having the instrumental portions really empower the message being said.

Anti-Flag’s skills have improved dramatically by the looks of it and this aggressive approach is what they needed all along.

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